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The Raič family

Our story...

Restaurant "Bonaca" is a family project where we always serve fresh fish and seafood to our guests, and one of the specialties of our restaurant is that we offer food from local small producers of wine, oil, vegetables and other products and thus offer our guests the right taste of the Neum region.

Very rich meals offer

Our Menu

We offer a wide selection of local specialties and other dishes typical of the Mediterranean area (shellfish, seafood, fresh fish daily, grilled dishes ...), as well as international dishes.

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  • A selection of fresh sea fish (1 kg)

    100,00 BAM
    (grooper, marmor, brusen, bream gilthead, sea bass, dentex etc.)
  • A selection of fresh sea fish (1 kg)

    120,00 BAM
    (Redfish and Saint Pierre)
  • Tuna steak (250 gr)

    35,00 BAM
  • Grilled octopus bits (300 gr)

    35,00 BAM
  • Bonaca fish platter

    100,00 BAM
    (Fresh sea fish, Adriatic squid, shellfish and crabs)
  • Adriatic squid (350 gr)

    35,00 BAM

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In the interior, newly renovated and air-conditioned, the restaurant has 50 seats, and the terrace, which offers a beautiful view of the bay Neum-Klek, also has 50 seats.